Ethnic Schools Board

Please visit the pages of the website detailed below for information relating to the various different functions of South Australia's Ethnic Schools Board:


Read an Overview of the Ethnic Schools Board's role and terms of reference, as well as contact details for its key personnel.

Annual Reports

Download the Annual Reports published by the Ethnic Schools Board and sent to the Minister for Education, which detail the activities of the Board over the previous two years.


Download the Information Bulletins published by the Ethnic Schools Board throughout the school year.

Child Protection

Be informed of the training and criminal history screening that is required for teachers, staff and volunteers in ethnic schools to ensure that their responsibilities relating to Child Protection are met.


Read the information and download the forms necessary for ethnic schools to apply for Per-Capita and Needs-Based Funding.

Ethnic School Requirements

Lists the various different requirements; such as registration, ESA membership, criminal history screening, student enrolment, student reporting, etc; that all ethnic schools need to meet in order to receive funding from the Ethnic Schools Board.


Find a list of the accreditation and child-safe environments training, and criminal history screening, that all teachers in ethnic schools are required to have undertaken.

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